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Q3 2021: Finance Market Update in Switzerland

  • August 19, 2021
Q3 2021: Finance Market Update in Switzerland

The recovery continues! Q2 2021 saw a continued increase in the number of Finance opportunities in Switzerland and further evidence of movement at more senior levels.

Business confidence is growing; some industries are already seeing increased revenue, either from traditional markets or as a result of exploring new markets, due to a more agile approach developed through changes forced by the pandemic.

Flexibility within the Workplace

As we prepare for a return to a more normal life, the question of flexibility is high in the agenda of both employees and employers. Our recent poll about employee working preferences produced a startling change in attitude over the last eight months:

  Oct 2020 Jun 2021 Change
1-2 days from home, the rest in the office 47% 42% -5%
3-4 days from home, the rest in the office 38% 43% +5%
5 days from home 10% 11% +1%
5 days in the office 5% 4% -1%

The June 2021 poll produced the highest engagement levels we have ever seen on LinkedIn, but we were surprised to see such an increase in those wanting to work three to four days from home, compared to the previous top ranked answer of one to two days.

When comparing to employer sentiment, it is noticeable that most company return to work announcements have focused on three days in the office, highlighting an obvious difference in expectations between employees and employers.

After the return to the office happens, we may see a change of view from individuals, as they get used to commuting and engaging with colleagues, but either way, flexible working will be a hot topic for some time.

How is this Impacting the Employment Market?

We have already experienced candidates rejecting job offers due to not enough flexibility being offered by new potential employers. Once working from home conditions end, we are expecting to see an increase in candidates entering the marketplace if employers are not prepared to accommodate flexible working.

In the meantime, companies offering enhanced flexible working arrangements are likely to have a competitive advantage in the market, which will assist with both retention and attraction.

Market Hotspot

We have seen a significant increase in Finance roles requiring skills with data visualisation tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik suite. Considering the small candidate population with significant exposure to this software, we predict a battle for talent in the coming 12 months, as companies assess rapidly changing marketplaces.
EMEA Recruitment has led Finance in Technology events in the region over the past few years and is therefore well-positioned to discuss any plans you are considering in this area. If you are a candidate with experience of any of these tools, we would like to hear from you immediately - please contact Mark