Our Process

Representing the best talent in the marketplace

EMEA Recruitment aims to represent the best Finance, BI & Data, HR, Procurement & Supply Chain and Operations talent in the marketplace. This is achieved by networking and proactively sourcing all of our candidates and, most importantly, through being personally recommended.

We treat candidates and clients alike and aim to exceed all service expectations.

Candidate journey

We have built a reputation as a long-term career advisor to candidates we work with and represent them in our specialist markets in a confidential and professional manner.

From the first contact, we know how important it is, not only to listen, but to prompt contemplation on the long-term goals of our candidates.

We offer detailed support and advice throughout interview processes and also maintain contact once the candidate has started their new position, to ensure that the move has added the anticipated value.

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Our client focus

Our standards when presenting shortlists to clients set us apart from our competition. We do this by focusing not only on the technical skills and ability to do the job, but also the cultural and personality fit required.

Ultimately, we believe that a client wants a recruitment company to act as a strategic business partner, to have an open relationship and to represent candidate shortlists efficiently to save time, money and effort. Most importantly clients want the strongest and most relevant individuals possible to join their organisation.

The time we spend in discussing career goals with candidates and the honest conversation we maintain with them throughout the interview process, means that our acceptance rate at offer stage is over 90%.

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