Breaking Barriers: Unveiling Unconscious Bias in Talent Acquisition

22 May, 2023

On Thursday 15th June, we hosted our Breaking Barriers: Unveiling Unconscious Bias in Talent Acquisition, roundtable in Zurich.

In partnership with Swiss Marketplace Group and Lonza, we discussed unconscious bias in Talent and how we can drive change internally with our senior TA network.

On Thursday 15th June, we were joined by Tshidi Khunou, Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Lead at Swiss Marketplace Group, at SMG’s office in Zurich.

We also heard from special guest speaker Madlaina Brogt, Regional Head, Recruitment Delivery at Lonza.

Cameron Davies, Senior Consultant in our HR recruitment division in Switzerland, hosted the event, alongside Tshidi, who opened the session with an overview of the topic. Madlaina then discussed the different types of unconscious bias and its impact on the workplace.

The remainder of the session was led by audience questions.

Keely Straw, who leads our HR team, was also in attendance for networking opportunities and to answer any questions attendees had about recruitment.

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