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EMEA Recruitment has offered Operations recruitment in Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Nordic region since 2015. Our dedicated Operations recruiters provide a complete service for the technical elements of your organisation.

With a focus on Operations management, we understand the importance of matching technical knowledge with influential soft skills to maximise your Operations in the manufacturing sector. Whether this is based in a factory, warehouse or working closely with remote sites, our Operations team tailors your needs with the correct solution.

Our experts work with you through the Operations recruitment process, whether you’re searching for Production leaders or an Operations Director, Lean/Six Sigma skills, Quality-focused specialists or Health and Safety executives that are needed to increase your talent pool.

As a specialist in Operations recruitment, we work with clients to ensure every need in the Business Operation function is met, from R&D, to Quality, to Project Management.

With current challenges across the global supply chain, we remain up to date with the Logistics crises and any shortages that may affect your Operations. We also understand that many teams are embarking on digital transformation projects, so will look for the skills that you need to support the future of Operations.

If you’re searching for a specialist recruitment agency to support you with Operations management roles, then our team will search proactively for the experts you need.

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As technical recruiters, we believe we must have a deep knowledge of your provision of services and operating systems. Our experts successfully recruit within areas such as Production, Engineering, Logistics and Customer Service - the full, end-to-end skillsets that make Operations a success.

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We successfully recruit for the following Operations roles:

  • General Management
  • Head of Operations/Operations Directors
  • Production/Manufacturing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Quality leaders
  • Lean/Six Sigma/Process Improvements specialists
  • Engineering, including Maintenance
  • Health & Safety and Environmental specialists

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