Creating a Stronger Personal Brand

16 November, 2023

On Wednesday 13th December 2023, we’re hosting our next event in partnership with Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in Zurich.

For this session, we’re welcoming back Jonathan Cave, the Founder and CEO of MyPhy, to deliver a workshop on Creating a Stronger Personal Brand.

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve worked with IMA to design an event that will prepare our Finance & Accountancy network for 2024 and offer an opportunity to network before the festive period.

Jonathan will provide some food for thought for the audience as they make their personal improvement plans for the New Year. He will explore how to:

  • Introduce yourself to others in a clear and engaging manner
  • Communicate your added value in a humble yet effective way
  • Apply tested strategies to strengthen your professional image

Jonathan first joined our events back in December 2022, when we hosted a session on How to Find your High-Performing Self and Leverage this in your Career in Geneva.

We followed this up with an event focused on How to Boost your Energy Levels & Apply this to your Daily Life in Zurich in March this year.

We completed this series with How to Create your Personal Inspiring Vision and Roadmap to Success in Zurich in June.

Jonathan was originally a highly-trained lawyer/partner in a multi-family office in Geneva, where – for almost 15 years – he helped high and ultra-high-net-worth families grow their businesses and protect their fortunes.

At the age of 40, he reoriented his career and trained in coaching, public speaking, and leadership.

EMEA Recruitment has been IMA’s career development partner since 2020. We continue to provide networking opportunities and thought leadership through our partnership.

If you’re interested in attending this upcoming event, please reach out to Meriel Graham, Director in our Finance & Accountancy recruitment division in Switzerland: