Neurodiversity at Work: For Flourishing People and Organisations

13 November, 2023

On Thursday 21st September 2023, we held a roundtable for our Human Resources network in Switzerland on Neurodiversity at Work: For Flourishing People and Organisations.

Neurodiversity is gaining great attention at an exponential rate. But what is neurodiversity – in general, and at work?

Why is it important for individuals and organisations in the context of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (and beyond)? And how can neuroinclusive workplaces be created that benefit wellbeing, sustainable performance and flourishing for all?

Attendees of this event were invited to actively participate in exploring and understanding neurodiversity at work, raising awareness on key issues and the benefits of incorporating it in any ED&I and/or wellbeing strategy, and what actions they can take as a result.

Keely Straw, who manages our HR recruitment team in Switzerland, and Drew Larcombe, Recruitment Consultant, were joined by the wonderful Joanna Williams, Positive Psychology Coach, Consultant & Trainer, and Founder of Flourish.

Fascinated by people and science, Joanna facilitates individual and organisational flourishing. In practice, she uses evidence-based approaches and a strengths-based lens to offer pragmatic, accessible and thought-provoking learning experiences and consultancy.

Joanna shared her expertise with the group, before we held a Q&A session and break-out discussions in smaller groups.

It was a very open and honest discussion that started with: If you don’t understand the language someone is using, you can’t have a conversation.

It is essential to understand how we, as recruiters, can adapt our processes to ensure that we listen and understand those who are talking.

We would be keen to hear your thoughts and understand if you would be interested in future roundtable events, either dedicated to ED&I or broader HR topics.

If you have any suggestions, please reach out to Keely: