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Are you Losing out on Top Talent?

  • October 27, 2021
Are you Losing out on Top Talent?

As we move into a candidate-led market, having one of the busiest summers we have seen, EMEA Recruitment would like to share some experiences on how to avoid losing top talent for your business.

We recently conducted the following poll on LinkedIn, asking our Dutch network whether they would take steps to speed up the recruitment process, if this meant you’d be more likely to secure top talent. The results were as follows:

Would you speed up the recruitment process to hire the best candidates?

  • Yes, I’d remove bottlenecks – 60%
  • Yes, I’d utilise technology – 22%
  • No, I wouldn’t change – 10%
  • No, my company wouldn’t allow it – 8%

The majority of respondents said that they would try to remove bottlenecks in order to hire top talent. Another 22% would use technology to speed up the process, while just 10% said they wouldn’t change their hiring methods and 8% didn’t feel their company would allow faster recruitment.

So, how can we ensure we can hire top talent?

  1. Speed – Good candidates will have more than one process. Delays cause loss of engagement and good candidates will often have more than one opportunity.
  2. Flexible working - Are you able to offer the candidate the flexibility they need?
  3. Internal processes - Are you aligned internally? Communication between hiring managers and Human Resources/Talent Acquisition should be approved on requirements and timelines.
  4. Your recruitment partner - Utilize your consultant. We are here to ensure we have touchpoints with both candidates and clients. This can be critical in a process where a candidate is in demand.
  5. Feedback - Delayed feedback and next steps ultimately lose candidate engagement.

If these challenges sound familiar, we would be happy to discuss our experience and offer advice on how to streamline your recruitment procedure, in order to attract and secure top talent for your team.

Get in touch with Hannah Mallia, Director - Finance, for our Dutch market insights: