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Why is Switzerland still a Valued Strategic Location for Procurement & Supply Chain?

  • June 22, 2021
Why is Switzerland still a Valued Strategic Location for Procurement & Supply Chain?

After a challenging 12 months for the Supply Chain sector, Sienna Grey, one of our Recruitment Consultants, looks at why Switzerland is still a valued strategic location for Procurement & Supply Chain…  

One of the most asked questions we have had from candidates and, indeed, clients so far this year is, “How is the market currently?”

In response to this, we are pleased to share with you the following observations.

EMEA Recruitment is seeing an increase in the number of businesses looking to base their Supply Chain head offices in Switzerland. This uptick is mostly from Life Sciences businesses and is, of course, great news for candidates in terms of opportunity.

There are multiple reasons that Switzerland is a great location for a strategic Supply Chain office.

Firstly, the top talent on offer. It is no secret that the top talent within Europe and beyond often relocates to Switzerland. The higher standard of living, proximity to nature and professional growth are just a few reasons top candidates pick Switzerland as a professional base.

Another reason Switzerland is picked as a strategic headquarter is the diversity of thought – culturally diverse teams produce more balanced and neutral decisions. This allows for businesses to make decisions with less bias.

It is also an economically stable country that resists downturns and remains comparatively buoyant.

But we are interested to hear from you: Why do you think Switzerland is a great base for a strategic Supply Chain head office? And what impact do culturally diverse teams have on your operation?

EMEA Recruitment understands that the Diversity & Inclusion discussion is more essential than ever before, which is why we’ve placed it at the heart of our business and recruitment process moving forward.  

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