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Q1 2022: Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment Market in Switzerland

  • April 26, 2022
Q1 2022: Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment Market in Switzerland

As we enter the second quarter of the year, John Byrne, Director, takes a look at the Procurement & Supply Chain recruitment market in Switzerland since the start of 2022…

Another very busy quarter for all involved! I don’t recall a period with such a consistency of topics raising crisis management demands and solutions across the Procurement and Supply Chain disciplines.  

With these ever-changing demands placed upon you all, it has maintained a strong and stable need from our clients and candidates alike to support on talent gaps, talent development and general market mapping exercises to help maximise each of our clients' position in their market.

The number of assignments we partnered with clients on last quarter rose sharply, resulting in our vacancy completion rate also rising. Last quarter saw an increase of 23% on the previous quarter, closing our financial year 27% up on last year. This is the seventh successful YOY growth - this represents a consistent desire from our clients here to keep strengthening their teams and their offices throughout Switzerland.

We are now able to get back amongst our clients and candidates again throughout the last quarter on a far more consistent basis than before, with offices opening - and we fully expect this to gain further momentum as we approach the summer period.

This is becoming more and more important as the talent market continues to seek a stable balance between work versus lifestyle desires - something we anticipate will take the remainder of this year to stabilise. Hybrid working is here to stay from the consensus of our network, so we are working hard with both our clients and candidates to understand the most productive methods for both.

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