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Exclusivity in a Competitive Dutch Job Market

  • May 16, 2022
Exclusivity in a Competitive Dutch Job Market

How can working with us exclusively introduce you to the best talent in a candidate-led market?

Over recent months, the Netherlands has seen an increase in hiring and, particularly at certain levels of experience, a decrease in applications to advertised roles.

Consequently, we have moved into a candidate-led market, a market in which candidates are very often in multiple processes at once. Clients can decide to use multiple agencies, thinking they are reaching a wider range of candidates but, in reality, candidates can be contacted by multiple agencies about the same opportunity.

From a company’s point of view, this blurs their value proposition and, from a recruiter’s point of view, can lead to working with speed, rather than in a consultative way. As a candidate, you don’t buy into the proposed role as much and very often there can be less clarity in the process.

With candidates consistently asking recruiters if roles are exclusive, it is clear that using multiple agencies can not only make your value proposition unclear, but also can slow down your hiring process.

With exclusivity (working with only one agency on your vacancy/vacancies), there is a focus on the role, the client proposition and the client brand. This allows candidates to buy into the business and the role, thereby enhancing the candidate’s journey. It can help to ensure you don’t miss out on the best talent for your team.

As part of the Exclusive approach at EMEA Recruitment, we ensure you are being introduced to the best talent in the market, as we:

  • Proactively seek out passive candidates
  • Carry out thorough career consultations with candidates
  • Offer the option of video shortlisting
  • Work with you to define timeframes and deadlines
  • Offer a single point of contact
  • Bring a consistent brand image to the market
  • Always ensure high service levels for candidates (both successful and unsuccessful)

This achieves an excellent success rate and overall positive applicant experience. To find out more about our Exclusive and Retained approaches, please contact Jenny Callum: