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Q4 2022: Finance Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

  • October 26, 2022
Q4 2022: Finance Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

As we begin the final quarter of 2022, one thing is for certain: the rate of change and challenge has not decreased in the last three months, but the Finance recruitment market remains extremely strong, with high levels of competition for candidates.

Candidate market

The unemployment rate in Switzerland remains low, at 2% in August 2022 (source: State Secretariat for Economic Affairs). This is a sign of a positive and stable economy, but also a factor in why some Finance roles are proving difficult to fill, as most people who were displaced during the pandemic have secured positions.

Highlighting a key shortage – Accountant and Controller level

Many companies have reported greater difficulties when recruiting for roles such as Accountant or Controller. One of the key reasons for the candidate shortage at these specific levels has been the move to remote shared service centres, which has reduced the flow of people entering the Finance & Accountancy profession in Switzerland.

The impacts on recruitment are:

For recruiters:

  • Traditional recruitment methods are not delivering success
  • Individuals who began their careers in 2020 have only ever known hybrid working, so this is a key factor in their decision-making
  • Employer brand and a relevant benefits package is extremely important
  • Recruitment processes are often not matched to the desired audience
  • Roles requiring languages in addition to English are significantly more difficult to fill  

For job-seekers:

  • High demand means greater choice of opportunities
  • Rising salaries
  • Changing job can be achieved quickly
  • Benefits and working conditions may be open to negotiation
  • Counter offers are being offered more regularly by employers

Counter offers made to candidates to retain staff in this competitive market include: higher salaries, enhanced hybrid working arrangement or even fully remote working.

At EMEA Recruitment, we share market insights with our clients before developing tailored recruitment campaigns that generate interest from the desired audience and lead to successful appointments.

In the current climate, an increasing number of clients are choosing to work with us on a retained basis, to ensure they are at the forefront of the battle for talent.

If you require help to recruit, please get in touch and we will gladly share market information. Please reach out to Mark Robinson:

If you are considering your own career path, there is no better time to speak to an expert and ensure that you have access to the right opportunities.

Hybrid working – how does it impact recruitment and onboarding?

Experienced Finance professionals have reported finding it harder to integrate into a new company, primarily because of the lack of time spent physically in the same location as their colleagues and peers. Many people at this level are happy to spend more time in the office, particularly during their learning curve.

Individuals who began their careers during COVID have only ever experienced hybrid working (initially more heavily home-based due to lockdowns), so are used to spending less time in the workplace.

When we are working with a business, we make sure that we fully understand the hybrid working requirements of both client and candidate from the outset, to ensure a smooth recruitment process with clear understanding on both sides, and work with both parties to achieve the right outcome.

Once employment commences, we maintain contact with both parties to help with the onboarding process and maximise the chances of a successful appointment.

Future impacts of hybrid working:

  • Are hybrid policies consistent across existing and new employees?
  • Is it as easy to identify good performance and potential for internal progression?
  • Does hybrid working lead to less engagement and feeling of belonging at a company?
  • Will average tenure in companies decrease if people are less bought in to their employer?

We will be running a series of LinkedIn polls to gain further insight into some of these topics. We hope that you will participate and enjoy reading the results in our next newsletter.


Having access to current market information, whether you are hiring or job seeking, is more important than ever before.

If you would like discuss your own career situtation or hiring into your team, we would be happy to speak with you.