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Q2 2022: Netherlands HR Recruitment Market Insights

  • May 09, 2022
Q2 2022: Netherlands HR Recruitment Market Insights

As we enter Q2, we have continued to see a buoyant recruitment market across Human Resources and significant turnover within HR teams. As businesses continue to grapple with this challenge, attention has turned to retention strategies and how businesses can keep their talent engaged.

We ran a poll in January asking our network what the most important factor was when looking to retain top talent, with the following options: improved reward package, visible career path, leadership style and culture, and company sustainability agenda.

There was a strong leaning towards leadership style and culture, with many commenting that, if this fails, a business will not be able to achieve the other factors, and that leaders need to listen, hear and act upon the changing needs and desires of their workforce.

There is the feeling that autocratic leaders will lose out to inclusive leaders that show their humility, as well as high levels of emotional intelligence, which has been a critical skill as they’ve been asked to lead virtual and often highly stressed teams over the last couple of years.

Others commented that a focus on work/life balance and wellbeing remained a top trend, and that ensuring interventions were put in place to prevent burnout were essential.

Latest Events

Last quarter, Katie Insley, Associate Director for HR recruitment in the Netherlands, hosted a virtual Q&A session with Bianca Eder, Global Head of TA for Upfield, and Koos Wurzer, Global Head of Employer Brading for Danone.

They shared their thoughts on how the world of Talent Acquisition has evolved with the development of technology and AI. Katie agrees that, while new technologies can streamline processes and hopefully contribute to a positive candidate experience, they can’t, at this stage, substitute the human touch that is still such an important part of the recruitment process.

They discussed the importance of a strong employer brand and Koos shared some great tips on how this can be tackled, especially in an international, multi-cultural environment.

They also discussed that businesses are now having to, more than ever, sell themselves and what they can offer the candidate if they were to join. Hybrid and flexible working arrangements remain high on the candidate wish list, as well as competitive packages and wellbeing initiatives.

We’re always keen to hear from our network about topics you’d like to be covered in future events, so please do reach out if you have suggestions and ideas to share.

If you’d like to see the full session, you can follow this link: