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Quarter Performance: Procurement & Supply Chain - Switzerland

  • January 16, 2023
Quarter Performance: Procurement & Supply Chain - Switzerland

Despite the obvious external challenges being faced by all in our disciplines, we continue to see a robust attitude from our client base towards bringing in new talent.

Across the quarter, we saw an increase of successful hires (up 12% YOY). The standout industries for us were life sciences and FMCG focused.

It is clear the need to help manage current market demands has never been more important or challenging to our clients. We received strong testimonials over the quarter reflecting how we have offset some of these difficulties and helped alleviate the time and cost elements associated.

Energy and sustainability

We are in unprecedented times. The global economic headwinds across both Europe and the wider world have been at the front and centre of not only business, but our personal lives in 2022.

Whether that is rising inflation, higher energy costs or the devastating war in Ukraine, it is almost certain to say there have been profound changes and events that will leave an everlasting mark.

For the Procurement & Supply Chain world, there are many effects, none more so than the efforts and realignment needed in a sustainable approach to sourcing - in particular, how we realign to focus on higher raw material costs.

How has this impacted the recruitment market?

We are potentially seeing a new Procurement category form – that of Energy. We have been asked by several of our clients to work on mandates where the primary focus is to be responsible for sourcing of not only raw materials, but mainly energy and green energy, to stabilise their exposure to such volatile markets.

Whereas previously this may have been wrapped up within Utilities or Facilities, we are now seeing businesses create a standalone function to be leaders in the market in sourcing energy and sustainable energy solutions (such as the green energy or green vehicles sector).

Businesses are investing more than ever in sustainable raw materials and energy suppliers, and are therefore seeking profiles that have genuine, tangible experience of operating within this category and area.

What can you do to stand out?

We are seeing candidates taking a much more proactive approach to the sustainability topic – taking on external courses or extra learning.

Given how relatively new this area of sourcing is, the race to get ahead of the competition and be a leading profile in the Procurement world is well and truly under way.

If you’re interested in discussing this topic with one of our Procurement & Supply Chain recruitment experts, please get in touch with Neil Cope, who will connect you with the relevant Consultant: