Navigating HR Priorities in 2024 with a Focus on Organisational Culture and Recruitment Excellence

By EMEA Recruitment
01 February, 2024
Millie Flanagan at EMEA Recruitment talking to colleague

Keely Straw, Manager of our HR recruitment team in Switzerland, posted a LinkedIn poll aligning with Gartner's identified trends for 2024 HR priorities. The results indicated that organisational culture is emerging as a primary focus in Switzerland, closely followed by leadership development.

Organisational culture serves as the bedrock of a company's identity, influencing its values, behaviours, and overall work environment. A strong and positive organisational culture is not only essential for employee satisfaction and retention, but also plays a pivotal role in attracting top-tier talent.

Recruitment, a pivotal element in constructing a thriving team, is intricately linked to organisational culture. Beyond seeking individuals with the right skills, the process involves identifying candidates who not only possess the required competencies, but also align with and flourish within the established cultural environment. A unified culture fosters shared values among employees, propelling them towards common goals and cultivating a harmonious workplace.

At EMEA Recruitment, we understand that the intricacies of organisational culture are paramount. By putting people at the heart of everything we do - going beyond matching resumes with job descriptions - we understand the unique cultural nuances that make a company tick, recognising that cultural fit is as vital as technical skills. We’re committed to finding candidates who seamlessly integrate into the existing work ethos.

Being tuned into organisational culture contributes significantly to a company's success. By acting as a strategic partner and listening, we can embody the shared values and vision of the organisation. This alignment fosters a more engaged and motivated workforce, ultimately leading to increased productivity and innovation.

In essence, the synergy between organisational culture and recruitment is a dynamic force that shapes the present and future success of a company. By partnering with a recruitment agency like EMEA Recruitment - the Bastion of People-First Recruitment - organisations can ensure they are not just hiring employees, but welcoming individuals who contribute positively to the collective identity and success of the company.

If you’d like to find out more about our specialist recruitment services, contact Keely.

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Quality vs. Quantity in the Recruitment Process - Which is Paramount?

Quality vs. Quantity in the Recruitment Process - Which is Paramount?

When looking for a new role, should candidates focus on quality or quantity in the recruitment process? Sasha Gill, one of our Senior Consultants for Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations in Switzerland, explores which is paramount in a candidate-driven market…

The current recruitment market in Switzerland is candidate-driven. As a result, we are seeing an increase of job seekers being involved in multiple different recruitment processes simultaneously.

Being involved in multiple processes can be advantageous when building your personal network and for your own market-value mapping. In the current market, with recent cost-of-living increases, it is more important than ever for job seekers to benchmark their own salaries in the market. Partaking in multiple recruitment processes at the same time is one way to achieve this.

However, an argument can be made that being involved in several recruitment processes could be a disadvantage. Searching for your next career opportunity can be time consuming enough; having multiple, simultaneous processes may dilute your focus on each role and hinder your thorough research on each prospective employer.

We are keen to hear from our network whether you think quality or quantity is paramount in the recruitment process.

When it comes to searching for your next opportunity, is it quality or quantity that you aim for? Are you open to being in multiple recruitment processes at once, or do you prefer to focus your search on one opportunity at a time?

Get in touch with Sasha to let us know: [email protected]

If you’re interested in looking for a new role in Switzerland, Sasha focuses on Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations roles.

You can also take a look at the Finance & Accountancy positions we have available:

Or, if you’re a Human Resources professional, we may have a role available that interests you:

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Networking for Swiss Finance Professionals

Successful Networking for Swiss Finance

We understand how important networking is for Swiss Finance professionals.

EMEA Recruitment is proud to host virtual and in-person networking activities across Switzerland for Finance & Accountancy professionals.  

Having built a strong network of Finance professionals within Switzerland over almost 15 years, we enjoy every opportunity to meet both familiar faces and new individuals looking to expand their own relationships.

Those living and working in Switzerland will understand how valuable and beneficial networking opportunities are for career success. If you are looking to move to Switzerland, developing professional relationships and attending Swiss networking events can be helping ways to find new career opportunities.

In the past, it was common for Finance & Accountancy professionals to work at a local or regional business for the duration of their careers. Nowadays, with the impact of globalisation and evolving work environments, it is more common for professionals to work at multiple organisations, including multi-national companies.

If you are therefore looking for new opportunities more frequently, a strong professional network can help you find and secure the next step in your career.

One of the easiest places to start building your network is on LinkedIn. EMEA Recruitment is proud to connect Swiss Finance professionals through our dedicated group on the platform. If you are a senior Finance professional in Switzerland, you can request to join the group.

For in-person networking events, our Recruitment Consultants are always interested in meeting clients and candidates across multiple locations in Switzerland. If you’re interested in organising a coffee, dinner or more formal event, please contact John Bower, Director, in our Finance & Accountancy recruitment department, who will be happy to help: [email protected] 

One of the unique ways that we unite Swiss Finance professionals is through our partnership with IMA (Institute of Management Accountants). Alongside our career development resources, we are proud to host regular webinars and networking opportunities through our partnership.

We also offer Swiss Finance professionals the chance to receive a free trial membership with IMA.

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