EMEA Recruitment Partners with CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable

EMEA Recruitment Partners with CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable

EMEA Recruitment is honoured to announce our official sponsorship of CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable.  

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals is an organisation that has organically grown to become a leader in Supply Chain networking, predominantly for Swiss-based Logistics and Supply Chain Management professionals.

Its mission is to connect like-minded Supply Chain professionals, develop their leadership and management skills, and further educate those looking to learn more about the Supply Chain discipline.

We have proudly sponsored six CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) Switzerland events, the latter ones in partnership with CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable. We are delighted to be continuing our professional networking within the local market.

Most recently, we sponsored the Competitive Advantage conference in Zug, back in May 2022, exploring how to link Procurement and Supply to corporate direction, top-level strategy and executive decisions.

The annual event brings together top P&SC professionals from prestigious organisations, such as Biogen, Unilever and Hitachi Energy.

Neil Cope, Manager of our Procurement & Supply Chain recruitment team in Switzerland, said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring and work in collaboration with the CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable.

“Our Procurement & Supply Chain recruitment division has gone from strength to strength in the Swiss market. A core component of that has been the networking collaborations we have built – the CSCMP organisation has organically grown and is a leader in the Supply Chain network.”

He added: “We look forward to working with them and assisting in the hosting of future events held in Switzerland.”

To hear more about attending future events, please reach out to Neil: neil.cope@emearecruitment.com

In December 2022, Neil conducted an Executive Interview with Helmut Leitner, Board Member of CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable and Founder of Heliblick, a management consultancy that developed the iBsing framework.

You can read the full interview on our website: https://www.emearecruitment.com/executive-interviews/helmut-leitner-founder-of-heliblick/150

To find out more about CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable, including membership options and future events, please visit its website: https://cscmp.ch/

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ED&I in the Employee Lifecycle

ED&I in the Employee Lifecycle

Keely Straw, Associate Director, shares knowledge on how you could improve your employee lifecycle, and her experience hosting EMEA Recruitment’s first face-to-face ED&I Roundtable event...

In my Q3 2022 newsletter, I shared insights on the future of work and what that means for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I).

By making small changes throughout the employee lifecycle to accommodate a diverse workforce, organisations can improve employee experiences and boost engagement at every stage of the employee lifecycle:

1. Attraction - Brand reputation improves from employee, customer and stakeholder perspectives

2. Recruitment – Providing inclusive candidate journeys creates equal opportunities and allows organisations to draw from a wider talent pool

3. Onboarding – Demonstrating inclusive practices sets a first impression that encourages trust and loyalty

4. Development - Productivity improves, because data shows that employees with disabilities take less time off and stay with companies for longer

5. Retention – Turnover rates drop when everyone feels included and valued

6. Offboarding – Gathering employee feedback helps provide data and insights that can be used to improve ED&I policies further

Through my ED&I and HR networks, I have heard that many companies are already doing this and leading the way to make positive changes; they are eager to create a culture that is inclusive for everyone, regardless. Others are only just starting this journey.  

While there is plenty of information available online, at virtual online events and shared across social media, there isn’t anything local to Switzerland for ED&I leads to come together to share topics and success stories.

That is why, this month, I hosted EMEA Recruitment’s first face-to-face ED&I Roundtable event in Zurich.

This was an opportunity for ED&I leads - from multiple industry sectors and size - to come together, share insights on ED&I strategies and how to implement one, as well as other topics.

I would be keen to understand if you would be interested in future roundtable events, either dedicated to ED&I or broader HR topics. In addition, I would welcome the opportunity to hear how diverse your employee lifecycle is and how this compares with the general market consensus.

Please feel free to contact me directly to see how we can support you: keely.straw@emearecruitment.com

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Q4 2022: Procurement & Supply Chain Market Update - Netherlands

Q4 2022: Procurement & Supply Chain Market Update - Netherlands

As we near the end of 2022, Simon Pickerell, Associate Director, takes a look at the Procurement and Supply Chain recruitment market in the Netherlands...

The previous quarter has opened up many talking points within the Procurement & Supply Chain sector: “Is this the end of globalisation?”, “Will digitisation actually solve the supply chain issues?”

Having recently interviewed Andries Feikema, who is a keynote speaker in this space, he suggests a successful program is not about the technology itself, but how to be a successful leader within a digital business transformation.

Only 12% of all change processes meet or exceed expectations (Bird.A , Lichtenau.T , Michels.D 2016). Despite the enormous sums of money and the time that is invested during the implementation process, digitalization seems to be on every organization’s agenda today.

Many leaders are frustrated at digitalization programs that take too long, cost too much, and produce results that are too slow and meagre.

But how can you be successful with digital business transformation programs in your organization? Where to start, what to take into account first, what to prioritize to become most successful? Which are the critical performance indicators? Why?

If it is your organization’s goal to follow up on trends affecting Procurement, then first realize it. It will be a continuous process that includes technology changes, novel strategic approaches, new processes, and necessary adaptations to yet another change.

“Digitalization is not just a tool implementation, but a business transformation."
- Andries Feikema

I am happy to say we have agreed to collaborate with Microsoft to host a CPO roundtable to explore many of these questions. If you are interested in attending, please reach out.

From a recruitment perspective, a recent poll of 120 people (EMEA HR) suggested that employees are now prioritizing the hybrid model above salary and benefits - I am certainly seeing this trend. I think, as a responsible employer, we need to recognize that hybrid working is here to stay; however, we are still learning what this balance looks like. I believe the next 12 months will be critical in creating these new working models, not only to attract new talent, but retain existing employees.

I believe EMEA Recruitment’s approach is a testament to our continued growth across multiple sectors, from Finance and HR to Procurement & Supply Chain. Our tailored approach to each search means we have a deep understanding of the candidate’s and employer's expectations and needs. This attention to detail is crucial in a very competitive and fluid market, and sets the standard for current recruitment practices.

With more than 20 years of recruitment experience across multiple sectors and organisations, it is a pleasure to be part of an organization that is looking to raise the bar in the recruitment industry.

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Female Leadership

Female Leadership

Female leadership is probably one of the most talked about topics in multi-national businesses today. We are seeing in the market that companies, as part of growth plans, quote that they are looking to increase female leadership, but are falling short of their target percentages.

This begs the question: are women not being offered equal opportunities, or are they more hesitant to put themselves forward?

EMEA Recruitment held a recent study to see how many men versus women would apply for the same role by looking at the job description. The results show that only 30% of women had applied for the role. The main reason was that women look to tick almost all the boxes required for the position, whereas men will apply if they tick around three to four requirements.

In Europe alone, almost half (46%) of women are employed, while just 35% of those were managers (as of 2021).

Another statistic from Catalyst shows that, among the largest publicly-listed companies in the EU in 2021, only 20% of executives and 8% of CEOs are women.

The key questions

  • Is discrimination happening due to women starting families, causing a generational gap in female leadership?
  • Do women find it hard to return to leadership roles after taking a career break to raise a family?
  • Are certain industries more forthcoming with female leaders than others?

Adapting the “Rooney Rule”

Several companies have now implemented a version of the National Football League’s Rooney Rule, which requires any team hiring a head coach to interview at least one minority candidate.

One business created a requirement that half of the final candidate shortlists for any executive positions must be women; in the last two years, the proportion of women on the executive team has risen from 25% to 40%.

In summary, female leaders can find their strength, express their voice and apply their talents when given these opportunities. They can also shape the conditions for others, supporting and influencing the systems that make the world welcoming to women’s contributions.

The progression of women in the workplace – and in leadership – isn’t just a women’s issue. It is an issue for all of us, so we can build communities in which we tap into the very best from each of us.

Here at EMEA, we provide our clients with relevant market information in a consultative approach - topics are also discussed through our roundtable events with clients. EMEA’s inclusive recruiter approach to each search means we have a deep understanding of the candidate and employer's expectations and needs.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you build diverse teams, please get in touch with Becky Kitson.

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Proud to Celebrate 15 Years of EMEA Recruitment

Proud to Celebrate 15 Years of EMEA Recruitment

We are delighted to be celebrating the 15th anniversary of EMEA Recruitment, after opening for business in 2007.

EMEA Recruitment was founded 15 years ago by Paul Toms and his wife, Kelly. With their experience recruiting in international markets, they originally focused on Finance & Accountancy recruitment in the Netherlands.

Their approach swiftly developed to include professional services recruitment in Switzerland and the wider EMEA market. We now have offices in Amsterdam, Zug and Nottingham, with a growing team of specialist Recruitment Consultants.

Paul remains hands-on in the business, helping professionals manage their careers, working with multi-national organisations to recruit the strongest talent, and supporting our recruiters with training and development.

Paul and Kelly’s first employee, Izabela Darmstetter, is still with the business, as an Associate Director. We also recently celebrated the ten-year work anniversary of John Bower, Director.

Over the years, we have welcomed recruitment expert Paul Macildowie as Chairperson and professional services recruitment specialist Richard Bailey as Managing Director.

Richard reflects on the last 15 years: “Lots has changed over the past 15 years, but fundamentally, we’ve always wanted to work with great people. Our employees, past and present, have consistently pushed growth with their committed professionalism.

“We’ve always had a lot of fun on the growing EMEA journey – a big thank you is needed to all our employees, but also candidates and clients who partner with us, and businesses we partner with.”

He adds: “We will continue to push to become the recruitment partner of choice for multi-nationals across Europe. Looking forward to further future growth.”

More recently, Michelle Ewing, our Netherlands Country Director, was welcomed to the board of directors, taking female representation on our board to 40%. We are also proud that 50% of our managers are women.

As a people business, we are committed to promoting Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, both internally and externally, with our clients. By working with us, our clients can be confident that we act as a neutral third party in the recruitment process.

We are proud to be the ED&I recruiter of choice for many multi-national businesses, as reflected by ongoing events, training and candidate appointments.

As the world of work has changed, so has our approach. Our Consultants are specialists in their markets and disciplines, ensuring that they can deliver expert insights and updates to our network. We are seeing an increased focus on ED&I, remote working and sustainability.

We have acknowledged these changes and adapted EMEA Recruitment to become an agency of choice for our clients and candidates - but also an employer of choice for our Consultants.

As we look ahead to the future, we are excited about upcoming projects and partnerships, including our own commitment to fighting the climate crisis.

If you would like to find out how you can work with us, please get in touch with John Byrne, if you are based in Switzerland, or Michelle Ewing, if you’re in the Netherlands.

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Are you Investing in a Diverse Workforce?

Are you Investing in a Diverse Workforce?

With DE&I on the agenda for both employers and employees, companies around the world are focusing on developing their diverse recruiting strategies, therefore, good practice of hiring candidates under a process that is bias free is paramount.

Diverse recruitment should be aimed on finding the best possible candidate, regardless of a person’s background, and with equal opportunity given. Having diverse teams can contribute to newer and more varied ideas, resulting in companies being more innovative, creative and, overall, achieving better results.

It's also important to note that diversity in the workplace is not solely focused on business results and performance, but equally on building teams from qualified candidates, irrespective of their age, gender, background, race, religion or sexual orientation - this is long overdue and a step towards true equality in the workplace.

Diverse recruitment has many tangible benefits for performance and productivity, such as a broader range of skillsets, increased language and cultural awareness, and a more varied candidate pool.  

“Research from McKinsey & Company shows that the most diverse companies are also some of the most profitable: those in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile. As far as cultural diversity goes, companies in the top quartile were 33% more likely to have higher profitability than their less diverse counterparts.”

When recruiting with a diverse strategy, it’s crucial to measure the metrics of your hiring process. Understanding what your company is aiming to achieve in its recruitment and appealing to a diverse demographic is an effective way to encourage a wide range of applications.

So, how can you encourage such applications?

Tips on diverse recruitment

  • Audit your previous vacancies and make the necessary changes that will appear to a wider, more diverse audience - make sure the language used isn’t masculine, feminine or aimed towards a certain qualification level, seek to be more inclusive in the wording so as the vacancy can appeal to candidates with different backgrounds
  • Source candidates from different platforms - LinkedIn is one of the best tools to use for sourcing, but do not rely on the same channel to find your diverse candidates, as simply using the same platform, time and time again, can result in a similar talent pool and potentially lack in diversity
  • Ensure there are equal opportunities at screening - are the applications you receive anonymous? Are your pre-screening methods blind? Does your ATS system have the technology to flag or filter specific skills and experience? All the above will help you to remain free from bias throughout the recruitment selection process
  • Boost your employer branding - displaying your employer brand that naturally values its people and opinions from all backgrounds can be appealing to diverse candidates
  • Review your policies – company policies that appeal to a wide range of people demonstrate that diversity is valued and embraced as part of the company culture

Diversity recruitment is based on talent and merit, encompassed with ensuring measures are in place to reduce bias when selecting the right candidate. To ensure you have a strong diverse recruitment strategy, do take the above into consideration. 

We have noted a significant increase in payroll vacancies, particularly within the manufacturing and company software development industry over the past three months. These larger, multi-national companies have found such roles more difficult to recruit for, thus turning to external support.

If you require recruitment support for your difficult HR roles, contact our international Senior Recruiter, Melissa Adey on melissa.adey@emearecruitment.com or +31 20 241 7373, who can discuss with you the services she has provided to previous clients and how she can support you with your recruitment needs.

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