More International Businesses Moving to Switzerland

More International Businesses Moving to Switzerland

As a recruiter, EMEA Recruitment has always been close to new companies setting up in Switzerland and has enjoyed helping them grow. Mike Baldwin, Associate Director, discusses the market in more detail...

Over the last few years, this market has experienced uncertainty and turbulence, which has led to hesitance in the market, resulting in a slowdown of new companies moving to Switzerland between 2020 and 2022.

However, the winds are changing, and momentum is growing - we are very much experiencing an influx of new international businesses to Switzerland. This has created excellent opportunities for those at all levels, as businesses set up new offices and establish Swiss headquarters.

Most recently, our recruitment teams have successfully sourced top talent for multi-national businesses creating their headquarters in the country.

Some of the benefits of relocating or setting up a business in Switzerland include the political and economic stability, its strategic position at the heart of Europe, and competitive corporate tax rates.

Furthermore, Switzerland offers a skilled workforce, and its educational system is renowned for producing well-trained workers. Current in-demand professionals are those who have local expertise and knowledge, who can build business functions with an international outlook.

However, if you have found it difficult to make the next career step over the last few years, you are not alone, and this is typical in the market we have experienced. Fortunately, we feel that 2024 will be a year of opportunity in Switzerland.

Growing industries we have identified span across fintech, life sciences and biotechnology, AI and machine learning, smart manufacturing, and environmental and sustainability consulting. It's important to note that Switzerland's business landscape can vary by region, with major business hubs in cities like Zurich, Geneva, and Basel.

If you’d like to discuss setting up a new team or finding a new role yourself, please reach out to me and I will be happy to help:

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Q4 2023 HR Recruitment Market Update

Q4 2023 HR Recruitment Market Update

As we head into the final quarter of the year, Katie Insley, Associate Director, sheds light on the HR recruitment market and its future...

HR conversations continue to focus on the future of the function, how HR technology will shape this from a service and process perspective, and how artificial intelligence will be further adopted and integrated. 

Advancements in HR technology and AI have the potential to make many of the tasks undertaken by people today redundant but, at the same time, have the potential to create new roles more suited to a data-driven and digital world. 

Over the last quarter, we’ve continued to see an increase in roles around HRIS Optimisation, HR Data Consultancy, People Analytics and Talent Analytics, all which require a technical mindset, a customer focus, and the ability to engage with stakeholders and be a great storyteller.

The continuing evolution of HR technology can however create a level of anxiety in the workforce and businesses need to take action. It is important for organisations to understand how these changes may impact the current workforce and their levels of engagement. Employees may be concerned about the security of their role but, if a company starts to act now, the changes can be seen as an opportunity, as opposed to a concern.

If a business is able to identify how HR technology and AI will change the roles and talent required in their organisation, they will have enough time to understand the skills gaps. They’ll be able to put measures in place to retrain the current workforce, therefore retaining employees, increasing employee loyalty and engagement, creating more effective succession plans, and ensuring the business has the skills needed to be successful in the ever-evolving modern world.

Many of our Executive Interviews explore this topic, as it’s clearly on the minds of HR leaders. It was also a topic of conversation at our recent CHRO dinner. This was such a great opportunity to bring together a group of HR executives to discuss pertinent issues in the HR space, sharing experiences and challenges. If you’re interested in being involved in future HR leadership events, do reach out: 

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Q2 2023: Finance Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

Q2 2023: Finance Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

As we concluded 2022, we experienced normal market conditions across Switzerland. And, as predicted, an extremely high volume of hiring started from January onwards. 

At EMEA Recruitment, we analyse market data so that we can understand trends and skills shortages to provide factual evidence to our candidates and clients. Some of this data - and feedback from companies that were recruiting during Q1 - has been used to produce the following overview:

German-speaking region

  • Over 100% increase in directly advertised Finance roles during January to March 2023 compared to the same period of 2022
  • Many roles seen in January were re-advertised in March, as they failed to attract the desired audience
  • Companies requiring fluent German language skills experienced the greatest difficulties in hiring
  • Significant increase in roles advertised by Swiss-owned international companies compared to those with non-Swiss ownership

French-speaking region

  • Similar volume of vacancies during January to March 2023 as we saw in the same period of 2022
  • Slight reduction in roles advertised by Swiss-owned international companies, but a corresponding increase in roles advertised by non-Swiss-owned international companies

Hybrid thoughts

  • Requiring 4-5 days’ attendance in the office does impact the diversity of candidates attracted to the role
  • We have seen very little evidence of fully remote roles being offered

Job-seeking process

  • Candidates are happy to look at attractive opportunities, but those in work are being selective about the roles they consider and are less likely to apply directly to advertisements given the limited amount of information available through that method
  • Given the high volume of roles available and the difficulties companies expect when replacing staff, top talent is being recognised more and more by their current employers - therefore, they are more selective about the roles that they would consider externally

What do we expect in Q2?

Business sentiment is still positive, so we expect to see a very busy quarter again for Finance recruitment. We also predict continued pressure on salaries as the battle for talent remains fierce.

Having access to current market information, whether you are job-seeking or recruiting, is more important than ever before.

If you would like to discuss your own career situation or hiring into your team, we would be happy to speak with you. Please reach out to Mark Robinson, Insight & Optimisation Director, for a confidential discussion:

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A Thriving Recruitment Landscape

A Thriving Recruitment Landscape

We are delighted to share some exciting news, highlighting Switzerland’s continued appeal as a hub for international businesses.

Over the past quarter, we have witnessed a handful of companies choosing Switzerland as their preferred location for setting up their global/regional offices. One of the key factors contributing to this trend is Switzerland’s tax environment, boasting some of the lowest profit and capital tax rates in the country.

Additionally, Switzerland offers an exceptional level of political and financial stability, fostering an environment conducive to long-term economic growth. Furthermore, individuals can benefit from attractive tax rates, positioning Switzerland as an alluring place to live. We anticipate that this positive momentum will continue, solidifying Switzerland's reputation as a premier destination for international business expansion.

In this edition of the newsletter, we would like to shed light on the thriving recruitment landscape in Switzerland and the advantages it offers to businesses operating in the Finance sector.

One remarkable aspect of Switzerland is its ability to attract top talent. We have witnessed a notable trend of highly skilled professionals choosing Switzerland as their preferred destination, drawn by the country's robust economy, excellent quality of life, and strong emphasis on work-life balance.

Moreover, Switzerland's geographical advantage in the heart of Europe makes it an appealing choice for professionals considering relocation. The central location provides easy access to a variety of global industries and allows businesses to tap into a diverse talent pool.

At EMEA Recruitment, we have capitalized on these advantages to supply top talent to our clients. By leveraging Switzerland's appeal, we have successfully sourced exceptional candidates, ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective recruitment process.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support you, please get in touch with Associate Director, Annie Gosnell:

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Q2 2023: Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

Q2 2023: Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

As we continue into 2023, Neil Cope, Manager of Procurement & Supply Chain, shares an insight into the Procurement & Supply Chain recruitment market in Switzerland...

We continue to see a buoyant jobs market in Switzerland, particularly within the Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations space. Competition therefore remains high; candidates have heightened leverage and, thus, it is more important than ever for businesses to offer competitive packages in 2023.

This is highlighted in the ongoing upward trend of not only higher salary demands, but also a strong focus on other Employee Value Proposition factors – such as substantial home office options, company/corporate culture and value considerations (such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), career progression opportunities and other benefits outside of the base salary (gym memberships, half fare travel cards, lunch vouchers, etc.).

Our Consultants are also reporting a further push on what may be described as the ‘squeezed middle’ – a combination of mid-management level positions or roles where a strategic and leadership element is at the forefront, but often is combined with a desire for candidates with an operational background and hands-on practical experience. This sector of the market is running exceptionally hot, and is expected to drive growth and job flow throughout 2023.

If you are hiring and facing challenges on talent attraction in line with the above, or are open to new opportunities yourself and wish to talk through the market, please reach out to me at

Events & Networking

We continue to see the popularity of both in-person and virtual networking events. Our network is continually feeding back a desire to attend these events and there is a general consensus that they are critical for success in today's competitive work environment.

Networking can help you expand your knowledge, opportunities and relationships, and enhance your fields of understanding.

22nd June - Save the date!

EMEA Recruitment has a joint event with CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable on 22nd June, where we will be helping explore the topic of Supply Chain skills and people. EMEA will be among the professional presenters at this event to give a market overview of Supply Chain skills, demands and trends across Switzerland.

Please get in touch with me ( and let know if there any areas you would like us to explore specifically.

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The Key to Success in Today's Recruitment Market

The Key to Success in Today's Recruitment Market

Thomas Powell, Recruitment Consultant, takes a look at the Finance and Accountancy recruitment market in the Netherlands and shares the key to success...

In today’s recruitment market, demand for talent is heavily restricted and continues to be candidate driven across the junior to senior level.  

To be at the top of the competition, it is crucial for you, as the hiring manager, to offer the candidate the right opportunity with clear plans of progression - not a sidestep where they are doing the same role for more reward.

We are noticing that the biggest motivation to move in today’s market falls to the following:

  • Lack of responsibility in their current role - in turn, looking to move to take on more responsibility and have each day be a new challenge where they learn and add value to a company
  • Looking for progression, wanting the step up - candidates in the mid to senior market are constantly looking for the step up in their career and will rarely make the sidestep for additional compensation

How can you do this when recruiting into your team?

First, what profile are you looking for? If you have a strong desire for a particular level of experience in local reporting, you know this is non-negotiable for your business.

However, think about why someone who does this role already would move to your company to do the same role. Think of ways this person can progress and move up in the company.

To retain the best talent in your company, this is what you need to be outlining. This is where you sell yourself to the candidate.

As recruiters, we hear, “This role will have progression opportunities” all the time. Be direct about what progression opportunities are available and ask the question of why the candidate should move.

Secondly, identify a success story. If you have a profile that may fall slightly below the criteria - maybe they don’t hold enough Dutch GAAP or don’t have enough payroll processing experience - offer the training and development to the candidate.

While this can take time, look at how attractive your role becomes and look at the success story you can create in your company. You as the manager have achieved this and, in turn, this profile is likely to stay with your business in the long term, given the time and value you have invested in them.

This is where EMEA Recruitment can add value. We are a candidate-driven business and skilled in mapping the candidate’s motivation to the right business, where they will add value to your organisation and thrive.

If you’d like to speak to me about how we can assist you in your search for talent, please get in touch with me at

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