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In-House D&I Training: Speaking to Clients about D&I

  • June 24, 2021
In-House D&I Training: Speaking to Clients about D&I

Following a recent Diversity & Inclusion training session for all EMEA Recruitment staff members regarding bias, we welcomed back our Ambassador, Valentina Coco, for a second virtual exercise.

In the previous session, Valentina focussed on bias, specifically, our own biases, and how these affect our lives.

In this follow-up session, we explored whether our clients are aware of internal biases and D&I, how to bring this topic up with them, and managing the most common pushbacks to D&I initiatives.

We learned how to introduce the subject in conversations with our external clients, and how to explain the benefits of a diverse workforce and inclusive culture for businesses.

Valentina explained the consequences of an employee or group of employees feeling excluded in the workplace.

We also discussed why diverse teams and inclusive environments foster higher performance, better decision-making and stronger growth.

Valentina acknowledged why it may not be easy to discuss and implement D&I practices, but explained that that’s why it works. If something is easy, it typically doesn’t challenge people or go to the next level.

Although differences can be hard to manage, they often spark creativity and innovation when you embrace them.

Due to the global focus on D&I, our Consultants are regularly having conversations with clients regarding building diverse workforces and creating an inclusive environment.

Some of these conversations can be difficult, so Valentina explored some common pushbacks and challenges that we may be faced with. As a group, we discussed why some clients might struggle with D&I and how to address any concerns or issues that may arise through such topics.

Valentina created an open environment for us to ask questions and raise discussion points throughout the training session. She will continue to deliver D&I training on a regular basis for all EMEA Recruitment staff members.

Valentina Coco is an Ambassador of EMEA Recruitment, as well as the CEO and Founder of Coco Consulting & Coaching. She trains teams to develop an inclusive working environment.