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Q2 2023: Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

  • May 23, 2023
Q2 2023: Procurement & Supply Chain Recruitment Market Update - Switzerland

As we continue into 2023, Neil Cope, Manager of Procurement & Supply Chain, shares an insight into the Procurement & Supply Chain recruitment market in Switzerland...

We continue to see a buoyant jobs market in Switzerland, particularly within the Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations space. Competition therefore remains high; candidates have heightened leverage and, thus, it is more important than ever for businesses to offer competitive packages in 2023.

This is highlighted in the ongoing upward trend of not only higher salary demands, but also a strong focus on other Employee Value Proposition factors – such as substantial home office options, company/corporate culture and value considerations (such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), career progression opportunities and other benefits outside of the base salary (gym memberships, half fare travel cards, lunch vouchers, etc.).

Our Consultants are also reporting a further push on what may be described as the ‘squeezed middle’ – a combination of mid-management level positions or roles where a strategic and leadership element is at the forefront, but often is combined with a desire for candidates with an operational background and hands-on practical experience. This sector of the market is running exceptionally hot, and is expected to drive growth and job flow throughout 2023.

If you are hiring and facing challenges on talent attraction in line with the above, or are open to new opportunities yourself and wish to talk through the market, please reach out to me at

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We continue to see the popularity of both in-person and virtual networking events. Our network is continually feeding back a desire to attend these events and there is a general consensus that they are critical for success in today's competitive work environment.

Networking can help you expand your knowledge, opportunities and relationships, and enhance your fields of understanding.

22nd June - Save the date!

EMEA Recruitment has a joint event with CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable on 22nd June, where we will be helping explore the topic of Supply Chain skills and people. EMEA will be among the professional presenters at this event to give a market overview of Supply Chain skills, demands and trends across Switzerland.

Please get in touch with me ( and let know if there any areas you would like us to explore specifically.