How to Choose the Right Candidate

How to Choose the Right Candidate

Making the final decision about which candidate to hire is not always easy. There are a lot of different aspects to take into consideration, including qualifications, experience, development potential, culture fit and skillset.

Jenny Callum is an experienced recruiter and recruitment marketing professional who has worked in senior finance recruitment across the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK for over 13 years. Here she shares some ideas which may help to give more structure to your hiring decisions and may also make the final choice a little easier.

If you would like to discuss in more detail or require any further advice or assistance with your recruitment processes, please contact us on +31 20 808 1102 (Netherlands) or +41 41 508 7007 (Switzerland).

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Challenges Facing HR

Challenges Facing HR

In recent Executive Interviews that we have shared on our website, there has been a recurring theme from senior professionals across all disciplines; they stress the importance of up and coming professionals seizing opportunities when they are presented and, also, having a broad understanding of international cultures and environments.

Education and technical ability of course remain important factors, but the international exposure and ability to communicate at all levels is key. The article below talks about ‘challenging recruitment landscape’; the importance of motivating the younger generation and providing an environment for them in which they feel comfortable to develop, even when working away from home.

The article also covers other trends and challenges in HR across Asia, but we have found these aspects to be equally as topical for leadership and recruitment in Europe, across all disciplines. Work life balance, digital/data analytics, diversity and inclusion are all topics that we are discussing on a regular basis with our multi-national clients.

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Associate Director Celebrating 6 Years

Associate Director Celebrating 6 Years

Our Director - Finance, John Bower, is celebrating his 6-year work anniversary with EMEA Recruitment this week. John is a specialist in finance recruitment who has developed a broad network in the Suisse Romande region. With overall recruitment experience of over 14 years, he offers strong career advice, interview preparation, and selection assistance. Working to EMEA core values, he provides a truly professional and confidential service to clients and candidates.

Many congratulations on your work anniversary John, and your successful career to date. We look forward to what the future holds for you with EMEA!

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Events in Switzerland

Events in Switzerland

Last week was a busy and productive week for EMEA Recruitment in Switzerland, with two big events taking place.

On Weds 16th May, we held a HR networking event in Zurich. It was well attended and proved to be a relaxed and informative evening. This was a wonderful opportunity for HR professionals to discuss common issues, such as market and recruitment trends. Our HR specialist consultants, as well as senior management of EMEA Recruitment, enjoyed the opportunity to catch up in person with those in our network, chatting until late into the evening.

If you would like to join us for future HR events in Switzerland, please reach out to Keely Straw.

Despite the late finish, the following evening some of the consultants from our HR team joined forces with consultants from our Finance division, to complete a 6k run in Zug with B2Run. Starting at the Bossard Arena, EMEA Recruitment ran alongside 900 other contenders from other international businesses such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eastman Chemical, Glencore, Medela and Shire.

At EMEA Recruitment we actively encourage exercise as a complement to our working life, with each employee receiving weekly personal training and yoga sessions as part of their employee benefits. The B2Run was a fantastic way to put their training to practice, with everyone successfully completing the run in good time.

If you are intrested in joining the team or finding out more about working at EMEA, please contact Laura Henderson


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EMEA's Personal Trainer at the Commonwealth Games 2018

EMEA's Personal Trainer at the Commonwealth Games 2018

We would like to wish the very best of luck to our personal trainer, Laura Hewitt, who is representing England in her Commonwealth Games debut on the Gold Coast this week! Her previous achievements include being twice awarded British Champion 2017 and 2016.

We took the opportunity to speak to Laura about how she got to this point and also how she sees weightlifting as one of the most beneficial ways to train for everyone; to fit into any work/life balance. Read her interview below:

How did you start to get involved with weight-lifting?

I got talent spotted through the National Governing Body British Weightlifting. They were spotting athletes from other sports that potentially had a natural talent for weightlifting. I applied for the programme which was called the ”Golden Chance Programme”?; about 200 girls were looked at through a variety of tests and the top 8 with the most potential were selected - I was one of them.

What other sports have you been involved in and what made you choose weight-lifting as a specialism?

I was a gymnast from the age of 4-18 and then did CrossFit for a short while which introduced weightlifting into my life. I enjoyed and it and was in the transition of making more of a commitment to the weightlifting before the talent programme.

How often do you train?

I train 5 times a week. Sessions vary from an hour and a half to two and half hours.

You’re heading to the Gold Coast to represent England soon at The Commonwealth Games in April! What extra preparation/training have you been involved in for the event?

So, up until October last year, I had only taken part in national championships but never an international championship. In October I got selected for my debut for Team Great Britain at the European under 23’s in Albania.  I came 4th overall and had a 6/6 competition, personal bests on everything.
In November I got selected again to get more international experience and went to the World Championships in California Anaheim. It was amazing to see such big names.

How does it feel to have been selected to represent your country?

It sounds really corny, but it really is an honour. I love my country and I am massively patriotic so to be able to wear my country’s jersey is just a dream come true.

What do you think are the benefits of exercise to work/life balance?

As well as being an elite athlete, I work as a personal trainer. So, I promote an active lifestyle through that. Weight training is one of the most beneficial ways to train for everyone. Some people don’t realise that elite athletes who take part in endurance events still have to do weightlifting alongside their discipline, because of the crossover benefits. I work with not just athletes but really normal people, GPs, doctors, managers, business owners, mums; people who just really want to improve their lifestyles and fitness. At RWF (Real World Fitness) it’s not just me, but all of us, who teach all of these people to weight train.

Do you have any stories to share regarding the positive impact training has made on the lives of any of your clients?

I have had people start with me that struggled to sit down on the floor and play with their children comfortably who couldn’t squat a bar. Now they’re squatting over 70 kilos, are 5 kilos lighter and go to the gym 3 times a week. And most importantly they’re healthier and happier.

How would you recommend people schedule training around work hours?

Everyone is different. What I do say is that lots of people say they ”don’t have time” when in reality they just don’t want to make time. As humans, we all make time for things we see as a priority or want, you just have to be disciplined and want something enough. Do you think I want to train everyday? I can tell you - no. Some days I wake up, I’m sore, I’m tired, I don’t want to.  But it is my discipline that carries me through.

If someone hasn’t trained in a gym before, how would you advise they get involved?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you start with body weight exercises because you’re not strong enough to do any more, that is absolutely fine. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Start with basics. Weight train 100%, but check you have the correct technique. Lots of people don’t think to work on their flexibility to help form. It’s all about developing the basics for the long-term benefits.

What do you enjoy most about training others?

I love people. I love my job. I love watching people grow and get stronger and see results. I love weight training. I love what it can do to the body. And I enjoy seeing others work hard and see the benefits.

Gold, Silver or Bronze? What colour medal are you bringing back from the Commonwealth Games?

Ultimately, I’m always a Gold girl, any athletes will probably say the same, but this is my first Commonwealth Games so I’m not going to lie - a medal of any colour would be an absolutely amazing achievement. I will have been doing weightlifting 3 years this April.

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The Importance of Networking

The Importance of Networking

At EMEA Recruitment we understand the importance of networking. Having a strong network is essential in today’s world of quickly evolving work environments. Whether you are seeking a new opportunity, keeping up-to-date with market trends or looking for an opportunity to socialise with like-minded individuals - having a strong network is a vital asset and can be greatly beneficial.

The Benefits of Attending Networking Events

Attending specialised networking events can help you make more impactful connections, and they can be a great opportunity to share career experiences, industry insights and market trends within your chosen profession.

Leverage Your Relationships with Like-Minded People

Dorie Clark, Author and Top 50 Thinker, joined us on an EMEA Recruitment podcast. She offered tips and advice on how to network effectively, emphasizing how using the correct event management techniques can help you leverage your relationships with like-minded people.

Additonally, most of our podcast guests are open to connect with individuals who are looking to expand their networks and discuss trending business topics, such as transformation, digitalisation and business culture. 

Utilizing LinkedIn to Grow Your Network

With platforms such as LinkedIn available to use, we would recommend updating your profile to help you stand out from the crowd and build a network. Further advice on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile is widely available. All of our consultants at EMEA have a LinkedIn profile and the platform allows us to grow our business and create mutually beneficial relationships. 

EMEA Recruitment Networking Events

EMEA Recruitment look forward to hosting a wide range of networking events in the future. These will take place in both the Netherlands and Switzerland. If you would like any further information on how to attend our events, please contact our Marketing Manager, Rose Jinks. Alternatively, you can follow our company LinkedIn page for upcoming announcements.

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The EMEA Recruitment podcast welcomes guests from across our network and beyond to share their career journeys, advice, and inspirational stories. 

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To celebrate World Menopause Day, we were honoured to welcome back Sally Higham, Director – Head of Talent Attraction at Lonza and Executive Menopause Coach, to the EMEA Recruitment podcast.

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Being a Woman in Finance - Susanne Rothstein

Being a Woman in Finance - Susanne Rothstein

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