EMEA's Personal Trainer at the Commonwealth Games 2018

EMEA's Personal Trainer at the Commonwealth Games 2018

We would like to wish the very best of luck to our personal trainer, Laura Hewitt, who is representing England in her Commonwealth Games debut on the Gold Coast this week! Her previous achievements include being twice awarded British Champion 2017 and 2016.

We took the opportunity to speak to Laura about how she got to this point and also how she sees weightlifting as one of the most beneficial ways to train for everyone; to fit into any work/life balance. Read her interview below:

How did you start to get involved with weight-lifting?

I got talent spotted through the National Governing Body British Weightlifting. They were spotting athletes from other sports that potentially had a natural talent for weightlifting. I applied for the programme which was called the ”Golden Chance Programme”?; about 200 girls were looked at through a variety of tests and the top 8 with the most potential were selected - I was one of them.

What other sports have you been involved in and what made you choose weight-lifting as a specialism?

I was a gymnast from the age of 4-18 and then did CrossFit for a short while which introduced weightlifting into my life. I enjoyed and it and was in the transition of making more of a commitment to the weightlifting before the talent programme.

How often do you train?

I train 5 times a week. Sessions vary from an hour and a half to two and half hours.

You’re heading to the Gold Coast to represent England soon at The Commonwealth Games in April! What extra preparation/training have you been involved in for the event?

So, up until October last year, I had only taken part in national championships but never an international championship. In October I got selected for my debut for Team Great Britain at the European under 23’s in Albania.  I came 4th overall and had a 6/6 competition, personal bests on everything.
In November I got selected again to get more international experience and went to the World Championships in California Anaheim. It was amazing to see such big names.

How does it feel to have been selected to represent your country?

It sounds really corny, but it really is an honour. I love my country and I am massively patriotic so to be able to wear my country’s jersey is just a dream come true.

What do you think are the benefits of exercise to work/life balance?

As well as being an elite athlete, I work as a personal trainer. So, I promote an active lifestyle through that. Weight training is one of the most beneficial ways to train for everyone. Some people don’t realise that elite athletes who take part in endurance events still have to do weightlifting alongside their discipline, because of the crossover benefits. I work with not just athletes but really normal people, GPs, doctors, managers, business owners, mums; people who just really want to improve their lifestyles and fitness. At RWF (Real World Fitness) it’s not just me, but all of us, who teach all of these people to weight train.

Do you have any stories to share regarding the positive impact training has made on the lives of any of your clients?

I have had people start with me that struggled to sit down on the floor and play with their children comfortably who couldn’t squat a bar. Now they’re squatting over 70 kilos, are 5 kilos lighter and go to the gym 3 times a week. And most importantly they’re healthier and happier.

How would you recommend people schedule training around work hours?

Everyone is different. What I do say is that lots of people say they ”don’t have time” when in reality they just don’t want to make time. As humans, we all make time for things we see as a priority or want, you just have to be disciplined and want something enough. Do you think I want to train everyday? I can tell you - no. Some days I wake up, I’m sore, I’m tired, I don’t want to.  But it is my discipline that carries me through.

If someone hasn’t trained in a gym before, how would you advise they get involved?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you start with body weight exercises because you’re not strong enough to do any more, that is absolutely fine. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Start with basics. Weight train 100%, but check you have the correct technique. Lots of people don’t think to work on their flexibility to help form. It’s all about developing the basics for the long-term benefits.

What do you enjoy most about training others?

I love people. I love my job. I love watching people grow and get stronger and see results. I love weight training. I love what it can do to the body. And I enjoy seeing others work hard and see the benefits.

Gold, Silver or Bronze? What colour medal are you bringing back from the Commonwealth Games?

Ultimately, I’m always a Gold girl, any athletes will probably say the same, but this is my first Commonwealth Games so I’m not going to lie - a medal of any colour would be an absolutely amazing achievement. I will have been doing weightlifting 3 years this April.

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The Importance of Networking

The Importance of Networking

At EMEA Recruitment we understand the importance of networking. Having a strong network is essential in today’s world of quickly evolving work environments. Whether you are seeking a new opportunity, keeping up-to-date with market trends or looking for an opportunity to socialise with like-minded individuals - having a strong network is a vital asset and can be greatly beneficial.

The Benefits of Attending Networking Events

Attending specialised networking events can help you make more impactful connections, and they can be a great opportunity to share career experiences, industry insights and market trends within your chosen profession.

Leverage Your Relationships with Like-Minded People

Dorie Clark, Author and Top 50 Thinker, joined us on an EMEA Recruitment podcast. She offered tips and advice on how to network effectively, emphasizing how using the correct event management techniques can help you leverage your relationships with like-minded people.

Additonally, most of our podcast guests are open to connect with individuals who are looking to expand their networks and discuss trending business topics, such as transformation, digitalisation and business culture. 

Utilizing LinkedIn to Grow Your Network

With platforms such as LinkedIn available to use, we would recommend updating your profile to help you stand out from the crowd and build a network. Further advice on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile is widely available. All of our consultants at EMEA have a LinkedIn profile and the platform allows us to grow our business and create mutually beneficial relationships. 

EMEA Recruitment Networking Events

EMEA Recruitment look forward to hosting a wide range of networking events in the future. These will take place in both the Netherlands and Switzerland. If you would like any further information on how to attend our events, please contact our Marketing Manager, Rose Jinks. Alternatively, you can follow our company LinkedIn page for upcoming announcements.

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Fantastic Start to 2018

Fantastic Start to 2018

Managing Director of EMEA Recruitment, Richard Bailey, reports a positive start to the year for EMEA Recruitment as the number of placements made in January 2018 has more than doubled those made in January 2017.

He stated, ”We are delighted with the successful start to the year which is reflective of the hard work and commitment from our dedicated consultants and the consultative approach they have to both clients and candidates.

2017 saw a 33% increase in the headcount of internal staff at EMEA Recruitment across our Netherlands Finance team, Swiss Procurement team and Swiss HR team and this has certainly been a key contributory factor to our ongoing growth. January 2018 has shown a 68% growth on the same month last year, which is a great indicator to us of an extremely exciting year ahead!”

He went on to say, ”Our growth, has come from a combination of both repeat business with key clients and new business with companies with which we have formed recent relationships. The repeat business is a wonderful confirmation to me as Managing Director that we are providing a quality service which our clients appreciate. Every client and candidate we work with receives feedback questionnaires which are all reviewed by myself. It’s important to continue to learn from our successes and failures to improve our service offering.”

Much of the new business we have acquired is through recommendations, which is by far our preferred way to increase our profile!”

Richard also discussed the current administrative focus for the business: ”EMEA Recruitment are currently working towards implementing all necessary changes to be fully compliant with GDPR guidelines in advance of May 2018. Further communication to both clients and candidates of EMEA Recruitment will happen into 2018. As ‘Confidentiality’ is a core EMEA Value, we intend to become fully compliant as soon as possible.

In addition to ‘Confidentiality’ our core values** are ‘Committed’, ‘Specialists’ and ‘Consultative’. We proactively work to these values, providing ongoing training for our consultants to ensure they are fully up-to-date with market trends and effective recruitment processes. This enables them to provide the best support and advice to our contacts across Switzerland and the Netherlands.”

With both countries leading the way as most globalised nations worldwide in recent reports, and also the ongoing expansion of international business in the Netherlands, these core areas of our business look set to soar over the coming months. Meanwhile, we also continue to work on exclusive and retained assignments elsewhere globally on behalf of our key clients.

Looking forward, finding talented professionals will continue to challenge businesses. Our service to find the best talent is essential for our client’s growth and prosperity. We expect to have a good 2018; we want to grow and offer more services to our clients.

Growth only starts if we continue to build upon the strong team of consultants we have. Finding more good recruiters with values similar to our own is essential for growth, but also challenging, training and rewarding our own staff in a better way (than any of our competition) is even more important for our continued success.

If you would like to join us at EMEA Recruitment please contact our Accociate Director - Attraction & Development Consultant, Laura Henderson

**Since 2018, our core values have changed to reflect a new era of EMEA Recruitment. To read about our new values and how we utilise a people-first approach, please visit our About Us page.


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She Matters 'Empower With Diverse Talent' Event in London

She Matters 'Empower With Diverse Talent' Event in London

On 12th February 2020, EMEA Recruitment, MERCER and Strategic Dimensions came together at the picturesque Mercer office in London to deliver the 'Empower with Diverse Talent' event, spreading awareness of SheMatters’ mission of diversity and inclusion. To the left, EMEA Recruitment’s Sophie Kelly and Keeley Cunningham respectively, are pictured with She Matters CEO, Christina Moreno and MERCER’s global leader Karen Kacherdoorian. 

She Matters is a social enterprise recruitment agency with the mission to change the lives of professional female refugees, in particular engineering, architecture, business services and IT professionals, by placing them in employment. At the event, Christina Moreno explained how many candidates are refugees from war-torn and challenged countries, who are now in the Netherlands looking for meaningful employment. She Matters takes them through a 12 week ‘Lotus Flower’ programme, in which candidates receive career guidance, mentorship and are helped to adapt to working in the Dutch workplace.

The primary purpose of the event was to discuss She Matters’ plans to launch in the UK later this year, and how leading organisations can get involved with the initiative. We’d like to place on record our thanks to Karen Kacherdoorian and MERCER for hosting the event in London and we look forward with excitement to telling you more about our event in Amsterdam soon.

To see more of our events, click here

To find out more about She Matters, visit their website.

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International Women's Day 2020: Our Events & Activities

International Women's Day 2020: Our Events & Activities

On Sunday, the world celebrated International Women’s Day 2020. IWD not only celebrates the achievements of women across the world and the progress being made in terms of improving equality and women’s rights, but also acknowledges the work that still needs to be done for men and women to be completely equal. EMEA Recruitment strive to be at the forefront of this battle for equality, and in our third and final article relating to this year’s IWD, we will summarise the many events and activities EMEA Recruitment have carried out during the past 12 months to support the movement for true equality between men and women. 

Equality & Inclusion Event with Heineken

In May 2019, EMEA, partnered with Heineken and PAiE (Professional Accountants in Europe), hosted the ‘Equality and inclusion in Finance’ on the top floor of the Heineken Experience building in Amsterdam. At the event, CFO of Heineken and Member of the Executive Board, Laurence Debroux, delivered an engaging presentation around the approach and steps that Heineken are taking towards equality and her own experiences of climbing to success in finance. Furthermore, we heard from Susannah Rodgers MBE, British Paralympic swimmer, who is also Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum. Susie gave us an insight into the determination of an athlete and the transferable performance tools that she finds useful.

Finally, Shana Laurie de Hernandez, Partner and Retail & Consumer Leader for PwC Europe, told us about the Equal Salary certification which is now offered and PwC’s approach to pay fairness. Shana then also lead a group discussion, encouraging attendees to discuss amongst themselves the key attributes are that an inclusive leader should have. Elements such as openness, flexibility, recognition and transparency were discussed as being key.

Equality in Business - Best Practice in Diversity & Inclusion

In September, we joined EF Education First to deliver the 'Equality in Business - Best Practice in Diversity & Inclusion’ event in Zurich, attended by contacts from our network of mid to senior management professionals across Finance, BI & Data, HR, Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations. At this event, we saw talks from Liz Johnson, the British Paralympian gold medalist, Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion at ABB, Alkistis Petropaki, General Manager of Advance, Gender Equality in Business and Marc Secretan, Partner and Inclusion and Diversity Leader at PwC Switzerland.

The large number of attendees was representative of the level of interest in equality and diversity as a topic and discussion, both during the event and throughout networking afterwards, was thought-provoking and heart-felt. We believe that all attendees were able to take something away from this event, from both from the breadth of presentation content and the personal interactions with one another.

Empowerment through Diversity & Inclusion - co-hosted with Stryker

”You don't need to find your voice, you already have it, you need to learn to trust it”

In late November, EMEA Recruitment and Stryker Women’s Network hosted the ‘Empowerment through Diversity & Inclusion’ event at Stryker’s European offices in Amsterdam. At this event, we witnessed some wonderfully inspiring speeches from Shana Laurie de Hernandez, Robert Abbott, Melissa Muirhead and Liz Tunley, followed by an opportunity to network and have further discussion afterwards.

Additionally, introductions were delivered by Stefanie Hillen and our co-founder Paul Toms, who outlined the great intentions which people who are passionate about equality and diversity have,  but also encouraged people to take action now to truly make a change. In other words, good intentions can not change anything if nobody acts upon them.

She Matters 'Empower With Diverse Talent' Event in London  

Our Final and most recent event to be covered in this article is the She Matters ‘Empower with Diverse Talent’ event. This event was the focus of our IWD related article on Thursday, which can be read here, but we’ll provide a summary below.

She Matters is a social enterprise recruitment agency with the mission to change the lives of professional female refugees, in particular engineering, architecture, business services and IT professionals, by placing them in employment. The main purpose of this event was to discuss She Matters’ launch in the UK later this year, and how organisations can get involved in this initiative.

At the event, co-hosted by EMEA, Mercer and Strategic Dimensions in London, She Matters’ inspirational CEO, Christina Moreno explained how many of their candidates are refugees from war-torn and challenged countries, who are now in the Netherlands looking for meaningful employment and She Matters takes them through an educational mentorship programme which helps them to adapt to working in the Dutch workplace. We look forward with great excitement to continue our support for this important organisation, and we shall be hosting another event with She Matters later this year in Amsterdam.

What is next?

The last 12 months have been fantastic for EMEA Recruitment; our work with some of the most reputable organisations in the world to hold events such as those outlined above, all with the aim of improving equality and making the workplace a more just and equal place for everyone has been something we are extremely proud of. Moving forward, we’d like to reiterate our commitment to improving equality and we can’t wait to share with you the details of our upcoming events over the next 12 months. 

To keep up to date with our upcoming events, visit our events page here.

Want to read more? Read our previous two International Women’s Day articles, including ‘She Matters in Focus’, and our Roundtable discussion between our Managing Director, Richard Bailey,  Anna Moizo, Georgia Wright and Emma Feneley, in which they discuss their thoughts and experiences with regards to attitudes towards women in the workplace.

From everyone at EMEA Recruitment, we hope you had a very happy International Women’s Day, and we hope to see you at one of our events soon!

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Insights from our Talent Acquisition Roundtable in Zurich

Insights from our Talent Acquisition Roundtable in Zurich

On June 15th 2023, Keely Straw and Cameron Davies held EMEA Recruitment's first Talent Acquisition Roundtable in Switzerland. Keely shares insights into the event below...

The focus was to bring together senior Talent and Recruitment professionals to discuss relevant topics. We had identified that there aren’t many events focused on Talent and Recruitment specifically from a networking perspective.

The event topic was Breaking Barriers: Unveiling Unconscious Bias in Talent Acquisition. In partnership with Swiss Marketplace Group, Oerlikon, we were joined by Talent and Recruitment professionals from companies such as Syngenta, ABB, Takeda, Lonza, Glencore and Julius Baer, to name a few.

The roundtable began with an engaging introduction from Tshidi Khunou at Swiss Marketplace Group and Madlaina Brogt at Lonza, both emphasising the importance of recognising and challenging our unconscious biases, particularly in the context of Talent Acquisition. Their insights set the stage for subsequent discussions and debates - how can we influence hiring managers?

Throughout the event, participants had the opportunity to reflect on their own companies’ biases and gain a deeper understanding of how these biases can influence decision making within the recruitment and selection processes.

We explored a range of topics, including application processes, interview structures, Diversity & Inclusion efforts, influencing hiring managers and ATS/HRIS systems. This brought us nicely onto the topic of AI and how that will impact selection processes moving forwards.

The structure of the event allowed us to have a true discussion, with respectful debates and questions; we truly delved deeper into practical strategies and best practises for unconscious bias within Talent Acquisition.

One highlight of the roundtable was assessing applications and selection processes and the role that plays with unconscious bias, whether it be language capabilities, industry experience, age, or gender. There were some interesting concepts on how to utilise automation scoring techniques for candidates’ applications, which are then forwarded to the designated recruiter to follow up with a screening interview. It was a very interesting process, which provoked a debate on whether that would improve unconscious bias or have a negative impact.

The event concluded with a collective agreement that we could discuss unconscious bias for a lot longer, and that we may need another event to continue the topic. Following feedback from the attendees and local market, we will be focusing our next event on AI - positives, negatives, and whether we should embrace AI within our recruitment processes.

The next Talent Acquisition Roundtable will be held in October. If you are interested in attending, please email me directly at

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EMEA podcasts

The EMEA Recruitment podcast welcomes guests from across our network and beyond to share their career journeys, advice, and inspirational stories. 

We were delighted to welcome Terhi Nori, Global Lead for Project Workstream at ABB, onto the EMEA Recruitment podcast. “We create our own journey and our own story… it’s just a

30 Oct 2023

To celebrate World Menopause Day, we were honoured to welcome back Sally Higham, Director – Head of Talent Attraction at Lonza and Executive Menopause Coach, to the EMEA Recruitment podcast.

18 Oct 2023

Being a Woman in Finance - Susanne Rothstein

Being a Woman in Finance - Susanne Rothstein

We were honoured to welcome Susanne Rothstein, Vice President Finance Hydro Building Systems at Norsk Hydro, onto the EMEA Recruitment podcast. “When I have the opportunity to help young wome

21 Sep 2023

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