Q4 2021: The Finance Employment Market in the Netherlands

Q4 2021: The Finance Employment Market in the Netherlands

Throughout Quarter 4 2021, the Finance & Accountancy employment market for job seekers remained strong in the Netherlands.

EMEA Recruitment has seen, across the board, a desire for a more hybrid working life amidst the continuing work from home requirements. We have also witnessed a trend in job applications falling and the need for a more direct approach within the market in order to attract the most suitable candidates.

From an employer perspective, there has been a continuous need to streamline and improve recruitment timelines to avoid missing out on desired candidates who are in multiple processes. As a result of this, high levels of competition for talent are pushing salaries upwards. This is particularly reflected at the more junior end of the market, with Accountants, Payroll Specialists, Financial Analysts and VAT Specialists remaining in high demand. As ever, there is a continued need for Dutch or German-speaking candidates within the market at this junior end.

If we look towards the more senior end of the market, we have seen an increase in candidates looking for new opportunities, but recruitment processes becoming more protracted as companies are biding their time in order to hire niche skillsets.

The demand for talent has been most prevalent within sectors focused on production, pharmaceuticals, bio tech and energy.

What do we expect in 2022?

2021 was dubbed the “great resignation”; we saw an increase in more passive candidates open to considering new opportunities. This - coupled with employers feeling more confident with the economic stability and growth within the Netherlands - saw an increase in opportunities across Finance functions.

Despite the impact of COVID-19 continuing into 2022 and the return of full-time WFH, we predict that the employment market within the Netherlands will remain buoyant. Employers will have to continue to adapt to the world post-COVID. Optimism is strong and many employers are focussing on a balanced work life and reward strategy to improve staff retention and wellbeing.

If you’d like to discuss the market with us further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected] 

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When Should the Line Manager be Involved in Interviewing?

When Should the Line Manager be Involved in Interviewing?

When should the line manager be involved in interviewing a candidate? We took to LinkedIn to hear your thoughts...

At EMEA Recruitment, we firmly believe there is never an exact right or wrong way for a business to run a hiring process – every role, organisation and circumstance are different, and can be affected by a multitude of factors at any time.

Although, of course, there are certain elements that are essential for a successful recruitment process, most notably that of the relationship that is built between the candidate and the hiring manager.

Neil Cope, one of our  Directors, recently conducted a LinkedIn poll exploring this, to provide a snapshot from our network. In response to the question: Which stages do you prefer to see the direct line manager involved during the interview process?, we found that over 90% of respondents feel that the line manager should be present either at every interview stage or at least on the first and last interview stage (8% noted that the first stage only is sufficient).

This highlighted to us how important that relationship build is for both candidates and employers alike. But how do you make this work in practice? Some processes have three, four or even five interview stages, depending on the seniority and complexity of the role. Is it practical for a hiring manager to be present at each stage? Indeed, in some cases, could it not hinder the process? If, for example, one of the stages was with an important stakeholder who might benefit from having that one-to-one conversation with the candidate without the hiring manager present.

One thing is for sure – the relationship with the prospective hiring manager is an absolutely vital element and is one of the top factors for candidates when choosing whether to accept an opportunity or not.

If you would like further information on this or the hiring process in general, please reach out to Neil: [email protected]

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Launch of Women in Leadership Initiative for Procurement & Supply Chain

Launch of Women in Leadership Initiative for Procurement & Supply Chain

EMEA Recruitment is proud to be launching Women in Leadership initiatives for Procurement & Supply Chain functions in Switzerland.

Q4 2021 saw us host our first Roundtable within Procurement & Supply Chain, focusing on Women in Leadership. We explored the gender gap in Switzerland in the context of Procurement & Supply Chain leadership specifically.

Women represent only 30% of leadership roles in Switzerland, and under 5% of roles at VP level and above. We looked at statistics that demonstrated which industries and roles were more greatly affected, and discussed the main challenges to creating a diverse workforce and supporting women into leadership roles. We also explored the steps that can be taken to provide women with opportunities that will allow them to move into senior leadership positions.

Interesting topics ranged from:

  • Country and company cultures
  • Top-down vs. bottom-up approaches
  • Leadership traits and responsibilities
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Visibility of female leaders
  • Sponsorship vs. mentorship
  • Un-conscious bias

We had some incredible feedback from the participants, and we would like to extend a thank you to all of those who joined us and a special thanks to our co-hosts, Alejandra Garcia (VP Procurement at DSM), and Pauline King and Varsha Asarpota (CIPS Switzerland).

In this initial session, there was an interest to further explore the topic of inclusive language and techniques to attract and retain women. We will therefore be rolling out some coaching sessions on this subject.

Diversity & Inclusion is high on our agenda at EMEA Recruitment; we would love for you to engage with us further in this area.

Please contact Charlotte Cruise, Senior Consultant, directly if you would like a full breakdown of the initial Roundtable, or to be included on the invites for the linguistics training or future events centred around Diversity & Inclusion and women’s careers: [email protected]

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Focusing on Wellbeing Activities during October

Focusing on Wellbeing Activities during October

As the EMEA Recruitment team participated in a Miles for Smiles challenge to raise money for Operation Smile, we hosted a range of wellbeing activities to help them achieve their goal.

During October, EMEA Recruitment committed to virtually travelling 3,000km/1,900 miles to raise money for Operation Smile, the official partner of the EMEA Recruitment podcast. The route covers our key locations in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

The team supported one another in hitting the group target, by organising running clubs, boxing classes and weekend walks. As everyone rallied together to log their miles, we felt it important to increase our focus on wellbeing during the challenge.

Throughout the month of October, we hosted a wide range of activities to encourage the team to prioritise their wellbeing and engage with colleagues after a difficult year.

We’re proud to boast a wealth of talent among our team – our Office Administrator, Sarah James, taught a group how to crochet, Anna Moizio, shared her native language, Italian, with us, and we showed off our culinary skills with a potluck lunch.

As well as our weekly yoga sessions, some groups visited a comedy club for an evening of laughs and we invited therapists into the office to conduct chair massages for the team.

To encourage our employees to look after themselves and their loved ones, we were joined by two fantastic charities, Oddballs and Coppafeel, to raise awareness of testicular cancer and breast cancer respectively.

We were also honoured to introduce Cornell Thomas, an international motivator who has been recommended by Tony Robbins, to the EMEA team. Cornell previously appeared on the EMEA Recruitment podcast, where he discussed overcoming fear and learning from failure.

Although October has come to an end, our focus on wellbeing will continue. We have received great feedback from our colleagues, who would like to see certain activities hosted on a regular basis.

We’re proud to provide a wide range of wellbeing activities for all EMEA Recruitment employees. You can find out more about what it’s like to work for us:

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Miles for Smiles Challenge for Operation Smile

Miles for Smiles Challenge for Operation Smile

The EMEA Recruitment team is participating in a Miles for Smiles challenge to raise money and awareness for Operation Smile.

During the month of October, EMEA Recruitment is challenged with virtually travelling the 1,900 miles/3,000km from our Nottingham office, to our Amsterdam office, our Zug office, around our key locations in the Netherlands and Switzerland, and back again.

Illustration of a map of the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland

Over the past year, we’ve missed face-to-face contact with our clients and candidates. Although we can’t currently see you in person, we thought we’d visit virtually and set a Miles for Smiles challenge for the team at the same time.

The team can decide whether to walk, run, cycle, swim, dance around our key markets to raise as much money and awareness as possible for children and adults with cleft lip and palate.

It costs just €180/182CHF/£150 and can take as little as 45 minutes to provide life-changing surgery on an Operation Smile medical mission.

Please donate as much as you can and check out our Miles for Smiles challenge progress through the Enthuse platform:

As a business, this is a cause close to our hearts, as the Founder of EMEA Recruitment, Paul Toms, was born with a cleft lip and palate himself.

Paul explained his connection to the charity: “I can’t compare the challenges I faced with those of the young children Operation Smile help. All I can say is that, from my experience over the years, I changed from being afraid my uniqueness would define me, to embracing the fact that it defined me.”

Through supporting us in our challenge, you’re helping children like Nazifa. Nazifa was born with a cleft lip – it was something no one in her village in Ethiopia had ever seen before. They were scared and thought it could be the work of an evil spirit.

Watch Nazifa’s story:

Operation Smile is the official partner of the EMEA Recruitment podcast. Through this partnership, we are raising vital funds and awareness of the work Operation Smile’s volunteers do around the world. If you’d like to find out more, read about the partnership on our website:

Operation Smile United Kingdom is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in the UK (No.04317039) and is a registered charity in England and Wales (No. 1091316).

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Q4 2021: Switzerland's Finance Market of 2021 so Far

Q4 2021: Switzerland's Finance Market of 2021 so Far

As we enter the final quarter of 2021, it seems a good time to look at how the Finance market in Switzerland has evolved from the perspective of both job seekers and employers.


Job Seekers – more opportunities advertised direct, but high volumes of applicants and a frustrating lack of feedback when applying for roles.

Employers – a focus on advertising direct, rather than using recruitment consultancies, to save cost and take advantage of candidates needing work. The high application volumes masked a decline in relevance, as individuals who had been displaced were forced to apply for a number of jobs to maintain their support.


Job Seekers – as lifestyles were reviewed post-COVID-19 and the return to the office got nearer, the working from home factor became more important for candidates.

Employers – competition for talent increased and we saw more counter-offers from employers trying to retain employees. Companies unable to offer work from home flexibility struggled to attract high quality individuals. More recruitment processes required support from recruitment consultancies.

What happened in Q3?

Job Seekers

  • An increase in career moves from passive candidates, but a preference to work with recruitment consultancies, rather than applying direct, partly due to time restraints, but mostly due to very specific career aims
  • More opportunities for good candidates, resulting in multiple offers for some
  • Counter-offers by current employers are being experienced more frequently
  • Frustrations about directly-advertised positions – particularly relating to salaries
  • Negative employer brand experience, due to the lack of feedback from direct applications


  • Unexpected vacancies appearing as passive candidates re-engaged their career plan and started securing new roles
  • High levels of competition for talent resulted in some upward salary pressure
  • Work from home policies were challenged by potential employees
  • Recruitment timelines needed to be shortened to avoid missing out on desired candidates

What do we expect in Q4?

As the impact of COVID-19 reduces, the new normal becomes clearer and business confidence increases. Many projects and developments that were put on hold are now being brought back into current plans.

All of this is good news for Finance candidates seeking new opportunities, but it means we will see more movement in the Swiss market, as individuals who have been happy to sit tight for the last 18 months put their career plan back into action.

How can EMEA Recruitment help you?

In a market that is changing quickly, the most valuable commodity to both job seekers and employers is timely and accurate insight. As specialists in Finance recruitment in Switzerland, the Finance & Accountancy team at EMEA Recruitment has this in abundance, and is happy to share with both candidates and clients.

If there is anything you would like to know about the Finance market in Switzerland, to either help you plan your next career move or to assist you in recruiting more effectively into your business, we would be happy to talk to you.

Get in touch with the Country Director, John Byrne: [email protected] 

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