Q3 2021: Finance Market Update in Switzerland

Q3 2021: Finance Market Update in Switzerland

Following the first two quarters of the year, we have insights on the Swiss employment market for Finance & Accountancy professionals…

The recovery continues! Q2 2021 saw a continued increase in the number of Finance opportunities in Switzerland and further evidence of movement at more senior levels.

Business confidence is growing; some industries are already seeing increased revenue, either from traditional markets or as a result of exploring new markets, due to a more agile approach developed through changes forced by the pandemic.

Flexibility within the Workplace

As we prepare for a return to a more normal life, the question of flexibility is high in the agenda of both employees and employers. Our recent Swiss employment market poll on employee working preferences produced a startling change in attitude over the last eight months:

  Oct 2020 Jun 2021 Change
1-2 days from home, the rest in the office 47% 42% -5%
3-4 days from home, the rest in the office 38% 43% +5%
5 days from home 10% 11% +1%
5 days in the office 5% 4% -1%

The June 2021 poll produced the highest engagement levels we have ever seen on LinkedIn, but we were surprised to see such an increase in those wanting to work 3-4 days from home, compared to the previous top ranked answer of 1-2 days.

When comparing to employer sentiment, it is noticeable that most company return-to-work announcements have focused on three days in the office, highlighting an obvious difference in expectations between employees and employers.

After the return to the office happens, we may see a change of view from individuals, as they get used to commuting and engaging with colleagues, but either way, flexible working will be a hot topic for some time.

How is this Impacting the Swiss Employment Market?

We have already experienced candidates rejecting job offers due to lack of flexibility being offered by new potential employers. Once working from home conditions end, we are expecting to see an increase in candidates entering the marketplace if employers are not prepared to accommodate flexible working.

In the meantime, companies offering enhanced flexible working arrangements are likely to have a competitive advantage in the market, which will assist with both retention and attraction.

Market Hotspot

We have seen a significant increase in Finance roles requiring skills with data visualisation tools, such as Tableau, Power BI and Qlik suite. Considering the small candidate population with significant exposure to this software, we predict a battle for talent in the coming 12 months, as companies assess rapidly changing marketplaces.
EMEA Recruitment has led Finance in Technology events in the region over the past few years and is therefore well-positioned to discuss any plans you are considering in this area.

If you are a candidate with experience of any of these tools, we would like to hear from you immediately regarding Finance opportunities in Switzerland: 


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In-House D&I Training: Speaking to Clients about D&I

In-House D&I Training: Speaking to Clients about D&I

Following a recent Diversity & Inclusion training session for all EMEA Recruitment staff members regarding bias, we welcomed back our Ambassador, Valentina Coco, for more in-house D&I training.

In the previous session, Valentina focussed on bias, specifically, our own biases, and how these affect our lives.

In this follow-up session, we explored whether our clients are aware of internal biases and D&I, how to bring this topic up with them, and managing the most common pushbacks to D&I initiatives.

We explored how to introduce the subject in conversations with our external clients, and how to explain the benefits of a diverse workforce and inclusive culture for businesses.

Valentina explained the consequences of an employee or group of employees feeling excluded in the workplace.

We also discussed why diverse teams and inclusive environments foster higher performance, better decision-making and stronger growth.

Valentina acknowledged why it may not be easy to discuss and implement D&I practices, but explained that that’s why it works. If something is easy, it typically doesn’t challenge people or go to the next level.

Although differences can be hard to manage, they often spark creativity and innovation when you embrace them.

Due to the global focus on D&I, our Consultants are regularly having conversations with clients regarding building diverse workforces and creating an inclusive environment.

Some of these conversations can be difficult, so Valentina explored some common pushbacks and challenges that we may be faced with. As a group, we discussed why some clients might struggle with D&I and how to address any concerns or issues that may arise through such topics.

Valentina created an open environment for us to ask questions and raise discussion points throughout the training session. She will continue to deliver in-house D&I training on a regular basis for all EMEA Recruitment staff members.

Valentina Coco is an Ambassador of EMEA Recruitment, as well as the CEO and Founder of Coco Consulting & Coaching. She trains teams to develop an inclusive working environment.

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Why is Switzerland still a Valued Strategic Location for Procurement & Supply Chain?

Why is Switzerland still a valued strategic location for P&SC

After a challenging 12 months for the Supply Chain sector, Neil Cope, Director - Procurement, Supply Chain & Operations, looks at why Switzerland is still a valued strategic location for Procurement & Supply Chain…  

One of the most asked questions we have had from candidates and, indeed, clients so far this year is, “How is the market currently?”

In response to this, we are pleased to share with you the following observations.

EMEA Recruitment is seeing an increase in the number of businesses looking to base their Supply Chain head offices in Switzerland. This uptick is mostly from Life Sciences businesses and is, of course, great news for candidates in terms of opportunity.

There are multiple reasons that Switzerland is a great location for a strategic Supply Chain office.

Firstly, the top talent on offer. It is no secret that the top talent within Europe and beyond often relocates to Switzerland. The higher standard of living, proximity to nature and professional growth are just a few reasons top candidates pick Switzerland as a professional base.

Another reason Switzerland is picked as a strategic headquarter is the diversity of thought – culturally diverse teams produce more balanced and neutral decisions. This allows for businesses to make decisions with less bias.

It is also an economically stable country that resists downturns and remains comparatively buoyant.

But we are interested to hear from you: Why do you think Switzerland is a great base for a strategic Supply Chain head office? And what impact do culturally diverse teams have on your operation?

EMEA Recruitment understands that the Diversity & Inclusion discussion is more essential than ever before, which is why we’ve placed it at the heart of our business and recruitment process moving forward.  

Get in touch with Neil to discuss your operations further, by emailing: 


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EMEA Recruitment to take part in Colour Run for Operation Smile

EMEA Recruitment to take part in Colour Run for Operation Smile

An enthusiastic team of EMEA Recruitment fundraisers will soon be participating in a Colour Run, inspired by the Hindu festival of Holi, in honour of our podcast partner, Operation Smile.

On Saturday 10th July 2021, Team EMEA will run, slide and crawl along a 5k (3.1-mile) obstacle course, to raise money for Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international medical charity that delivers free surgery to children and adults with cleft lip and palate.

For almost a year, Operation Smile has been the official partner of the EMEA Recruitment podcast. Through our partnership, we’re hoping to create 100 new smiles; it can take as little as 45 minutes and cost just €175, or 190CHF, to provide life-changing surgery on an Operation Smile medical mission.

We are delighted to have already raised money for this cause and are grateful to all those who have donated, but we want to continue on our journey of changing hundreds of children’s lives.

That’s why a brave team of EMEA Recruitment Consultants, Finance and support staff have committed to running a 5k obstacle course, complete with foam, music, a strobe tunnel and other, fun surprises.

One of the runners is our Founder, Paul Toms. The mission of Operation Smile is close to Paul’s heart, as he, too, was born with a cleft lip and palate.

“Although I can’t compare the challenges I faced with those of the young children Operation Smile help, I can say that I would not be the confident, happy person I am today without the dentists, surgeons, and support and care pre/post-operation,” explains Paul.

“I’m looking forward to getting together with some of my colleagues here at EMEA to enjoy the sunshine and hopefully raise lots of money for this special charity.”

If you’d like to support our Colour Runners, please donate through the donation box on our website – anything you can give will make a difference:

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Logistics Leads the Way

Logistics Leads the Way

“The line between disorder and order lies in Logistics…”

Given the past 12 months have seen some of the most challenging moments of our lifetimes for Supply Chains, economies, and mobility of goods and people, the value on robust Logistics has never been more prominent.

Prices are increasing, mobility is being challenged on unprecedented levels and we are seeing a global container crisis to boot. So, how is this affecting the job market in Switzerland?

Unsurprisingly, the job flow in the Logistics area, in particular, is seeing a significant uptick. This is not to downplay the increases across other Procurement, Supply Chain and Operations areas that we are seeing, but it is the movement of products where businesses (whether that’s Consumer Goods or even Pharmaceutical) are seeing the biggest challenges.

The response has been clear – the businesses with the strongest, resilient Supply Chains and Logistics operations are not only surviving, but look set to flourish as we enter the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, in turn, this drives the need for top senior talent and niche skillsets in the Logistics function. Here at EMEA Recruitment, we are seeing first-hand how this is something that businesses across Switzerland are looking to address.

Positions driven towards global strategic Logistics responsibilities are significantly up year-on-year and, with the impacts of Brexit still filtering through, alongside the ongoing challenges around the pandemic, this is a trend that we are fully expecting to continue.

During these ever-challenging times, we work with our clients to understand their changing business requirements. To discuss your specific Logistics needs across Switzerland, please contact Director of Swiss Procurement, Supply Chain & Operations, Neil Cope at:

If you are based in the Netherlands, our Managing Director, Richard Bailey, will be able to help you – get in touch at: 

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In-House D&I Training at EMEA Recruitment: Bias

In-House D&I Training at EMEA Recruitment: Bias

Earlier this month, we were pleased to welcome our very own Ambassador, Valentina Coco, to deliver virtual Diversity & Inclusion training for all EMEA Recruitment staff members.

This initial session focussed on bias, specifically, our own biases, and how these affect our personal and professional lives.

Valentina explained the harsh reality that, even if we don’t think we’re biased or aren’t sure whether we’re biased, everybody is biased in some way. In fact, bias was necessary for our ancestors and can still be useful today.

We explored the distinction between explicit and implicit bias, focussing on why implicit bias is often more difficult to spot.

With a series of exercises, Valentina highlighted the ways that our brains filter out most of the information it’s being fed, so that – in some cases – we’re left with what we want to see.

Using specific examples relating to the recruitment process, Valentina looked at the common biases that most people have, aside from the more common and obvious biases relating to gender, age, race and beauty.

We concentrated on the following biases, and how they can typically influence professional life and the recruitment process:

  • Affinity bias – creating a bond with somebody that you like
  • Conformity bias – looking for evidence based on what we think to be right
  • Attribution bias – comparing our behaviour to others’, which can impact how we perceive them
  • The contrast effect – comparing events sequentially, to unfairly judge people

After explaining these common biases in detail, Valentina discussed the ways they can impact us in day-to-day life:

  • Our perceptions of others
  • Our attitude towards others
  • The way we behave around others
  • The attention that we give to others
  • Our listening skills
  • The micro-affirmations we give to others

We were all given regular opportunities to ask questions and discuss our thoughts in an open, inclusive environment, before Valentina left us with seven steps to identify and address our implicit bias.

Valentina will also complete a follow-up session with all at EMEA Recruitment on how we engage with our clients and address their biases during the recruitment process in the near future.

Valentina Coco is the CEO and Founder of Coco Consulting & Coaching. She helps teams create a truly inclusive environment.

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